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Overcoming Publication Hurdles: Dealing with Biomedical Journals

Medical Communication
Workshop profile:
This workshop will benefit medical writers who want to know more about publishing articles in biomedical journals or who have encountered issues with journals.
Publishing an article is becoming increasingly complicated as biomedical journals constantly develop and change their policies and working procedures—added to which the whole process is hampered by a shroud of mystery and inconsistency between journals. This workshop focuses on avoiding common pitfalls in writing, presenting and submitting manuscripts. It also gives tips on how to locate and keep abreast of journal policies and develop an effective relationship with editorial offices. After completing the workshop, participants will be armed with a better understanding of biomedical journals, their requirements and foibles. They will have the confidence to steer their manuscripts to successful publication in the shortest time possible with the least hassle.
Previous title: Marketing your Manuscript and Dealing with Biomedical Journals Participants are encouraged to highlight areas of concern for discussion and share the issues they have encountered. The workshop will cover: • Keeping on track: policy and procedure sources, keeping up with changes • Choosing the best journal: beyond looking at scope • Avoiding common pitfalls in the manuscript preparation and submission process • Adherence to reporting guidelines • Effective communication with editorial offices: presubmission enquiries, speeding up review, dealing with reviewers’ comments, appeals against rejection • Editors’ approaches to authors’ concerns: quality of reviews, authorship, abuse of privilege • Editors’ concerns: conflicts of interest, plagiarism, duplicate publication, data splitting, data access