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Veterinary Guide to One Health and Opportunities for Medical Writers/Communicators

Drug Development
Workshop profile:
This workshop is aimed at medical writers, both new and experienced, who would like to improve their understanding of One Health. This is a foundation level workshop. No previous knowledge of One Health is assumed, but experience would be helpful for group work and discussion.
The workshop is expected to be of benefit to medical writers coming in touch with One Health topics such as antimicrobial resistance, zoonoses, comparative or translational medicine, and food safety.
One Health is a transdisciplinary approach to human, animal and environmental health.In 1858 Rudulf Virchow noted that “Between animal and human medicine, there are no dividing lines – nor should there be. The object is different, but the experience obtained constitutes the basis of all medicine”. Today, 60% of existing human infectious diseases are zoonotic, and 75% of emerging diseases of humans (including Ebola, HIV, Influenza) have an animal origin. Workshop participants will be introduced to the definition and history of One Health. Particular emphasis will be on Zoonoses, Public Health, Comparative and Translational Medicine and Microbiology. Examples of zoonoses, emerging infectious diseases of animal origin and also antimicrobial resistance will be used to illustrate how human health can be impacted and participants will have the opportunity to discuss these along with the emerging opportunities for medical writers/ communicators. Participants will gain a broad understanding of One Health topics linking human and animal health, which they can use when working in this area.