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Oral Presentations: Skills to Help You Survive or Even Shine

Professional Techniques
Workshop profile:
This workshop is suitable for medical writers who have some experience in delivering oral presentations and want to reflect on or improve their oral presentation skills. Participants should find the workshop useful for a variety of situations: presentations to colleagues, pitching to potential clients for new business, training colleagues, or speaking at meetings. Participants should be confident communicating in English, particularly as they will deliver a short presentation in English. (We do not cover slide design and construction of a story, which is addressed in the workshop Developing Effective Oral Presentations, MCF22.)
· Appreciate that good preparation and rehearsal are key to successful delivery. · Consider how good presenters engage their audience: use of voice and body language. · Learn how to deal with questions and challenging people. · Handle presentation nerves. · Gain practical experience and receive feedback by delivering a short presentation during the workshop. · Constructively critique the short presentations delivered by other workshop participants.
· What you need to know before preparing slides. · Managing equipment and the environment. · Rehearsing and keeping to time. · Increasing the impact of an oral presentation. · Presentation nerves. · Voice and body language. · Questions and difficult people. · Individual participant presentations. Important · Each participant will deliver a short presentation (3 minutes) with up to 10 slides prepared during the pre-workshop assignment. Participants and workshop leader will give constructive feedback. · The workshop is limited to 10 participants, allowing comfortable time for all presentations and feedback. · For those who are worried – don’t be – you’ll be safe and it’s fun!