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Writing Development Safety Update Reports

Drug Development
Workshop profile:
This workshop is aimed at medical writers who would like to obtain knowledge about the Development Safety Update Report (DSUR). Participants should have some experience of collection and analysis of safety data, and an understanding of safety monitoring during clinical trials. Participants without this knowledge or without experience in safety/pharmacovigilance writing should in advance attend the course DDF32.
This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview and the knowledge needed to write a DSUR. Starting with the DSUR’s regulatory background, purpose, and goal, the workshop will guide participants through the DSUR requirements, document content, the preparation and writing process.
Since 2011, DSURs are required throughout the ICH region for all marketed drugs or drugs under development for which clinical trials are ongoing. The aim of this workshop is to explain what the DSUR is, when it needs to be written (and when possibly not), which data and information need to be included and how to present them. It also provides guidance on the writing and project management process, taking into account that the DSUR is a document that requires an interdisciplinary and well-organised team effort within challenging timelines. Concise as per guidance, with a clear and logical structure, the DSUR nevertheless has some pitfalls in store that are also discussed in this workshop. To bring life and colour to the theory, all of this is illustrated with examples from the daily practice of preparing, writing, and submitting DSURs.