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Basics of Medical Statistics for Medical Writers Part 1

Professional Techniques
Workshop profile:
This workshop is aimed at medical writers who would like to improve their understanding of statistics. No previous knowledge of statistics is assumed, but a basic familiarity with what clinical trials are (eg experience with writing CSRs or publications of clinical trial results) would be helpful. Please note that this workshop is at a basic level and medical writers who are already experienced and confident in writing about statistical techniques may not benefit from it.
To help medical writers to understand the basic principles behind statistical analysis as used in clinical research (both in clinical trials and epidemiological research). This workshop was first run at the EMWA conference in Warsaw in November 2018. It has the same content, except for a few topics that have been moved to a new, part 2, workshop which will also include some new topics. We plan to run part 2 at the November 2019 conference.
· Types of data · The normal distribution and other distributions · Hypothesis testing and P-values · Estimation and confidence intervals · Measures of variability: standard deviations and standard errors · Some common statistical tests · Parametric and non-parametric tests The workshop will focus on what medical writers need to know about statistics to be able to present them in reports and publications, and not on mathematical details. This workshop is aimed at making sure medical writers who are not experienced with using statistics have a good understanding of the basics. The companion workshop "Basics of medical statistics for medical writers part 2" will cover some more advanced concepts.