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The Art of Mentoring

Professional Techniques
Workshop profile:
Participants who already mentor other writers or those who may soon be given the role will benefit from this workshop, including those who take on the role voluntarily and those who are more hesitant about their abilities. Most participants will have been medical writing for at least 2-3 years and will have a good foundation in their chosen career path. Complementary workshops: PTA11 – Strategies for Improving Document Quality and PTA12 – Interpersonal Skills for Medical Writers.
The aim of this workshop is to give both new and experienced mentors an open and encouraging environment for learning, developing and sharing mentoring skills. The workshop has been devised to inspire and enthuse participants in what is at times a challenging, yet highly rewarding role. After completion of the workshop and class exercises, participants should have a raised awareness of their role as mentors and the impact they may have on their mentees, teams and product quality. The workshop will also discuss strategies to diplomatically manage the varied situations that mentors may encounter.For 2021, we will focus on mentoring virtually.
This workshop will cover how mentoring can add significant value to teams and drive improvements in product quality; how to mentor in a holistic manner; how to vary mentoring style according to different mentee personalities; how to allow mentees to develop individually; and how to learn from mentees and develop personally through the mentoring role. Setting up and coordinating mentoring systems is outside the scope of this workshop.