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How to Manage Your Writing Project

Professional Techniques
Workshop profile:
This workshop is aimed at writers with limited experience of managing projects and those who need help in ensuring their deliverables meet client expectations and are delivered on time and on budget. The workshop does not cover project management of more complex multifunctional projects. These are covered in the Advanced Workshop “Do More with Less Faster: Project Management for Biomedical Communications”. Other related workshops include “Time Management for Medical Writers”.
Apart from writing skills, project management skills are one of the most important skills needed to ensure timely delivery of a quality document. A good writer should take overall ownership of their document during development and drive the writing process forward, ensuring deadlines are met. There are no prerequisites for attendance. Participants will learn how to plan timelines, determine and confirm roles and responsibilities, arrange effective meetings, communicate effectively and generally ensure that they know exactly what they need to provide, in what format and when.
This workshop covers the basics of managing a writing project. It deals with client expectations, project scope, timelines and costings, planning and management as well as how to identify problems and possible solutions and how to deal with unrealistic requests and timelines. We will look at 3 tools to help with managing projects (effective communication, robust dialogue and effective meetings) and exercises will be included to get delegates to think about creative solutions to problems, how to use robust dialogue techniques and how to ensure you have the information to deliver what is wanted.