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The Value Story and the Global Value Dossier

Medical Communication
Workshop profile:
Anyone who wants to learn more about value messages and writing value dossiers, whether they are new to these topics or have some experience with them. The workshop will not assume any prior knowledge of value dossiers or market access, but will assume a basic familiarity with drug development and clinical data.
After completing the workshop, you should understand the concept of ‘value’ and be able to construct a value story and value messages for a pharmaceutical product or medical device. You will be familiar with the structure of a typical value dossier and have an understanding of what information is required in each section. You will understand what a value dossier is used for and how to make sure it fulfils users’ needs.
Obtaining marketing authorisation is no longer the final step in a drug’s journey to market. Manufacturers must also persuade budget-holders (payers) in each country to pay for it. The global value dossier (also known as core value dossier) is a key resource for pharmaceutical company market access teams. The workshop explain the concept of ‘value’ as it applies to pharmaceutical market access. It will emphasise the importance of the ‘value story’, and participants will learn how to create evidence-based ‘value messages’ (i.e. the claims that are used to show the product’s clinical, humanistic and economic value). The workshop will then describe the structure of a typical value dossier and guide participants through the information that goes into each section, and where to find it. The emphasis throughout will be on ensuring that the document meets the needs of its end-users.