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Developing a Communication Strategy for your Brand

Medical Communication
Workshop profile:
Medical writers and other professionals working in pharmaceutical, medical devices or communication agency environments who want to know more about the processes involved in developing a communication strategy for a brand.
For many people, communication strategy is perceived to be a ‘dark art’. Although it drives the tactics we implement in our everyday work life, such as manuscripts and symposia, the processes through which the communication strategy for a brand is developed can remain elusive. This workshop will present a stepwise process that can be used to develop an effective and meaningful communication strategy for a brand and then, through interactive mock strategy workshop sessions, show how this process can be implemented in practice.
The objective of this workshop will be achieved by providing participants with an overview of the key elements of strategy development within a framework of a mock strategy workshop. Participants will be taken through the five key steps of strategy development: (1) audience identification and segmentation; (2) market and competitive overview; (3) defining product attributes and positioning; (4) identifying commercial opportunity and critical success factors; and (5) defining communication objectives and themes. The participants will be able to put into practice what they have learnt, taking part in a series of interactive mock strategy workshop sessions to identify unmet clinical needs and target audiences, assess the strengths and weaknesses of Product X, rate and rank differentiating product attributes, and develop a unique positioning for Product X. As part of the pre-workshop assignment, participants will be asked to review some pre-reading on the therapeutic area, so that the benefit of participating in these interactive workshop sessions can be maximised.