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Medical Information: an Opportunity for Medical Writers

Professional Techniques
Workshop profile:
This workshop is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of Medical Information within the pharmaceutical industry, providing Medical Writers an alternative option in their Medical Writing career. Whilst no prerequisites workshops are required, participants are expected to have a basic understanding in drug development, dealing with US and EU regulations and medical education.
This workshop will provide participants an insight to how Medical Writers are contributing to Medical Information departments across the globe; including the creation and maintenance of medical standard responses, dealing with new data releases at congresses, and the overall distribution of Medical Content to key stakeholders. Participants will be able to evaluate how their existing writing skills can be transferred when creating medical content for healthcare professionals. This workshop will deliver an alternative option to Regulatory Writing and Medical Communications, a much needed option for those participants wishing to increase their development in Medical Writing.
The objectives will be achieved by providing an introduction to Medical Information, and the purpose of such departments existing in institutions whereby drug development occurs. Further, the workshop will consider the structure of Medical Information – Global and Local markets – and the natural flow of medical content, touching on US and EU regulations. Much of the workshop will focus on medical content, and how multiple forms of communications are employed to educate customers on a particular product (medical standard responses, slide decks etc.) in a non-promotional manner.Simultaneously, the workshop will illustrate the role played by Medical Writers from writing responses to creating slide decks, as well as becoming specialists in a particular therapy area and/or products.