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Promotional Medical Writing: the Dark Side

Medical Communication
Workshop profile:
• Medical writers that have worked primarily on the regulatory side with a desire to expand into promotional medical writing • Medical writers starting out in a healthcare communications and/or advertising agency
Hundreds of thousands of words and pages are dedicated to the process of getting pharmaceutical products tested, approved and in the hands of doctors. Near the end of this process, you will find marketers. The people who are working to get these products prescribed for patients. Participants in this workshop will gain understanding about what goes on behind the scenes in pharmaceutical marketing and the role of the medical writer, learn about the wide variety of materials produced at this stage, and be equipped to communicate appropriate effective, consistent selling messages across media.
The objective of the workshop will be achieved by providing participants with an overview of medical communications and where marketing and promotion fits into the bigger picture, going through the basic structure of agencies that work in this field and the role of the medical writer, covering the profile of clients and the end audience, clarifying the difference between pre- and post-launch materials, detailing the types of materials to be created and the regulations that guide pharmaceutical promotions. We will also get into the creative side of things by learning how to craft effective messages that fit into the limitations of what can and cannot be said based on science, ethics and available data. We will conclude by summarising the keys to becoming a successful medical writer in the field of promotional marketing.