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Master Class: Editing English Texts Originating from Non-native Speakers

Language and Writing
Workshop profile:
This workshop is intended for all medical writers, both native English speakers and those for whom English is a second language, who edit the work of authors who are not native speakers of English. The workshop will be of interest both to those who edit occasionally for colleagues as well as people who edit extensively.
Editing the work of others is a common component of medical writing. This activity can be especially challenging if the original author was not a native speaker of English and problems of poor writing skills are compounded by lack of fluency in the language. This workshop will give medical writers training and feedback in this sensitive task.
This workshop will take the form of a master class. The workshop leader sees herself primarily as a facilitator and guide in achieving results. That is to say there will be almost no lecture content. Based on examples provided by the workshop leader, participants will work together in small groups to improve a text after which feedback will be provided all together. This workshop demands team work and your active participation. Obviously, therefore, it is necessary that you yourself are a confident speaker of English. Depending on availability it is hoped that other experienced editors will join the class as facilitators. At the end there will be a discussion session on providing feedback to the original author. The emphasis will be on generating texts that communicate clearly rather than reviewing grammar rules.