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Opening Session and Welcome Lecture

Plenary Lecture
Workshop profile:
Welcome from the EMWA President and Conference Director. Czech Connections in Medicine- Ondřej Šmíd The Czech lands, nowadays the Czech Republic or Czechia in short, have always had much more to offer than meets the (tourist’s) eye. Rooted firmly in the heart of Europe between the West and the East and spread far beyond the limits of the city of Prague, this culturally rich region gave birth to a number of discoveries, inventions and concepts with an impact on modern medicine. Some of these will be introduced to you in this opener. For example, did you know that radium was discovered by the Curies in a stone from the Czech town of Jáchymov and that dollar is a successor to tolar, a silver coin minted in the very same town? And what about robot, probably the most famous Czech word? For centuries, the Czech lands have been home to many fine minds who contributed to the advancement of medical sciences. To name a few: Jan Evangelista Purkyně (Purkinje cells), Vincenz Priessnitz (hydrotherapy), Gregor Johann Mendel (genetics), Stanislav Provázek (Rickettsia prowazekii), Jan Janský (blood types), Carl Ferdinand Cori and Gerty Theresa Cori (Cori cycle), Otto Wichterle (contact lenses) or Antonín Holý (Viread). Anticancer Drug Development Strategy - Ivan Melezinek Clinical drug development in oncology is a highly complex, risky and extremely costly activity. Is there a cure for cancer in sight? Do cancer cells divide quicker than normal cells? How does normal drug development look like, how long it takes and what risks are involved? Can we make it quicker? What is the role of immunity in cancer? Is drug development so expensive that only the richest countries can afford to be involved? Eat, Drink and Be Merry in Prague - Veronika Pečená Prague – one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. The town, with its beautifully preserved medieval center (UNESCO listed), situated on both banks of the Vltava river, offers many sights and experiences to a visitor, whether it be a first-timer or a seasoned traveler. Have you ever wanted to enjoy what Prague has to offer, but have been discouraged by swarms of tourists crowding the popular places? Have you ever searched in vain for a place to taste a sample of typical Czech food (and drink) without having to wait for the table to clear? Worry no more, for you’ll be informed of everything.