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Language and Writing
Workshop profile:
This workshop is targeted towards medical writers whose native language is not English. Native speakers who encounter difficulties with the use of adverbs, or need to be aware of the difficulties experienced by non-native English writers in this area, are also welcome. Note: The content of this workshop partly overlaps with the "Adverbs" part of what was previously offered as the "Adverbs and Tense" workshop (LWA1). In response to requests from many participants to have more time for exercises, the practical part of the workshop has been expanded. We will also provide more detail on typical problem areas in the use of adverbs in the medical writing context.
Provide guidance for medical writers who are not native speakers of English on the effective use of adverbs and adverbial phrases in English medical texts.
One of the challenges for medical writers who are not native speakers of English is the proper use of adverbs and adverbial phrases in medical texts. Typically, medical writers whose first language is not English have difficulties choosing appropriate adverbs and placing them correctly in the sentence. This workshop will provide some tools for making educated decisions regarding adverb choice and adverb position. On the basis of presentations and hands-on exercises, we will look at different types of adverbs and their typical "behaviour" in the sentence. More exercises will show us how the position of adverbs in the sentence can change the overall meaning. We will also spend time on confusing cases and inadequate use of adverbs and, drawing on typical text examples, look at adverb usage in different types of medical texts. For the pre-workshop assignment, participants will be asked to submit particular problems with adverbs they encounter when writing medical documents in English. The workshop leaders will analyse and discuss selected topics from the participants’ pre-workshop assignments during the workshop. Hands-on exercises during the workshop will give participants the opportunity to discuss solutions amongst themselves and with the workshop leaders. The post-workshop assignment will consolidate the content of the workshop.