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Holly Hanson

ICON plc., UK
Leader background:
Holly gained her PhD in drug metabolism at the University of Manchester and BSc in pharmacology/physiology at the University of Sheffield. Having initially trained as a pharmacokineticist when her career in clinical research began in 2001, Holly’s passion for writing saw her transition to Medical Writing in 2007. Holly’s experience includes writing Clinical Study Reports, Clinical Study Protocols, Protocol Amendments, Development Safety Update Reports, Patient safety narratives and public disclosure of clinical trial results. Holly’s areas of expertise are Phase I/II clinical studies and public disclosure of clinical trial results. Holly is also a member of the EMWA Regulatory Public Disclosure Special Interest Group. Currently, Holly is a Manager of Medical Writing within ICON’s global Medical Writing and Publishing Department
Public Clinical Trial Registries: Results Reporting Requirements and Practical Demonstration
    Level: Foundation Area: Drug Development
    Code: DDF49 Duration: 03:30:00