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Richard White

Oxford PharmaGenesis
Leader background:
Richard White is the Chief Operating Officer of Oxford PharmaGenesis, an independent HealthScience communications consultancy, and is a College Advisor at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, UK. He has nearly 20 years of experience in medical writing and communications, and is an active member of EMWA, ISMPP, MAPS, ISPOR and AMCP. Richard founded the Oxford PharmaGenesis Value Demonstration Practice to apply publications best practices to RWE and HEOR studies; he has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on this subject, and has delivered invited presentations on RWE publications and communications at international conferences such as ISMPP, MAPS and TIPPA. Richard gained his MA and PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK.
Summary and Conclusions
    Level: Area: Symposium
    Code: Symsum Duration: 00:15:00
Welcome and Introduction
    Level: Area:
    Code: Symintro Duration: 00:15:00
Introduction to RWE – what is it, and why do we need it?
    Level: Area:
    Code: Sym7.1 Duration: 00:25:00
Summary of the morning session
    Level: Area: Symposium
    Code: Symsum1 Duration: 00:05:00
External challenges for the acceptance of RWE
    Level: Area: Symposium
    Code: Sym7.6 Duration: 00:50:00