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Livio Garattini

Leader background:
Livio Garattini has been Director of Centre for Health, Economics, Angelo & Angela Valenti (CESAV) since 1992. The Centre is involved in Health Economics and Health Care Management research. CESAV collaborates with public and private institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other health care organisations. Livio’s areas of research interest include assessment of costs and benefits of alternative health care treatments and programmes; definition of criteria for the geographical and functional distribution of physical and financial resources in health care; comparative health policy analyses; analyses of strengths and weaknesses of organisations delivering health care services; and supply and demand studies of industrial and commercial sectors dealing with health care. Livio has authored several international publications, including peer-reviewed articles, and review articles. He has been a CIPE commission member and is on the editorial board of several health economic journals.
Why EMA should provide clearer guidance on the authorisation of non-biological complex drugs (NBCDs) in generic and hybrid applications
    Level: Area: Expert Seminar Series
    Code: ESS32.2 Duration: 00:40:00