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Carola Krause

Codex Biomed
Leader background:
Based in Potsdam, Germany, Carola Krause has been offering a professional biomedical writing consultancy service to the pharmaceutical industry since 2016. Carola is a postdoctoral molecular cell biologist with hands-on experience in basic and pharmaceutical research and development. Her multidisciplinary background in academic and pharmaceutical project management, and clinical trial coordination provides her with key insights into all phases of the drug development process and its regulatory requirements. She has 15 years of experience in the biomedical communication sector, and has attended EMWA workshops on regulatory medical writing since 2014. Carola has been supporting the EMWA Public Relations team , the Freelance Business Group subcommittee and recently joined the EMWA Executive Committee as Vice President in 2020.
The Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier: Gateway to Introducing New Drugs in the European Union
    Level: Advanced Area: Drug Development
    Code: DDA28 Duration: 03:30:00
Graphical Abstracts
    Level: Advanced Area: Professional Techniques
    Code: PTA17 Duration: 03:00:00