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Jules Kovacevic

Leader background:
Jules has been working in the CRO environment since 2006, focussing in medical affairs and medical writing and a member of EMWA since 2014. She has been actively involved in writing, budgeting, resourcing and training in medical writing for the last 12 years, particularly focusing on online training and webinars for the last few years. Successfully setting up teams in a variety of organisations and being actively involved in the development of individual writers has become a major part of her working life. In her current role as Head of Medical Writing at Ergomed, she has managed, trained and developed a global team of medical writers of varying experiences, both employees and contractors, all through online platforms and mediums. Jules runs an EMWA workshop on building medical writing teams where she shares the team model that is focussed on personal development in order to promote a positive work environment, staff satisfaction, staff retention, skill development, and a clear career path within the medical writing function. She is a member of the EPDC, taking a lead, with Laura Collada Ali, on the EMWA webinar programme.
Building Medical Writing Teams
    Level: Advanced Area: Professional Techniques
    Code: PTA14 Duration: 03:30:00