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Patrice Verpillat

Merck KGaA
Leader background:
Dr. Patrice Verpillat is a medical doctor, specialist in epidemiology. After having worked in a University Hospital in Paris, Dr. Verpillat moved in the pharmaceutical industry in 2003. He had positions in several international companies, and currently at Merck KGaA, in departments such as Epidemiology, Pharmacovigilance, Market Access, always dealing with real-world data (RWD) and non-interventional studies (NIS), to bring real-world evidence into research, access and life-cycle product management. More specifically, Dr. Verpillat has been leading several national and international NIS, either based on primary data collection or on secondary data use (with claims/ EMR), including regulatory-required PASS. Recently, Dr. Verpillat has been responsible for the definition and implementation of a strategic plan to optimise the use of RWD within the company. He has published over 60 articles in Medline referenced journals. Since 2014, he is also the efpia Observer to the ENCePP Steering Group, led by the EMA.
PANEL DISCUSSION – Regulatory and decision-maker position on RWE
    Level: Area: Symposium
    Code: Sym7.4 Duration: 00:55:00
External challenges for the acceptance of RWE
    Level: Area: Symposium
    Code: Sym7.6 Duration: 00:50:00