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Pia Caduff-Janosa

Uppsala Monitoring Centre
Leader background:
Pia Caduff-Janosa is a graduate from Medical School of the University of Basel (Switzerland), has completed her doctorate at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and holds a Diploma in Pharmacovigilance from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). After her postgraduate training in internal medicine, surgery and anaesthesia in Switzerland and New Zealand, she qualified as a specialist in anaesthesiology and spent many years in clinical practice. She joined the Swiss Regulatory Authority Swissmedic (former IKS) in 1999 as a clinical reviewer and headed the Unit Vigilance from 2009 to 2012. Key responsibilities in these positions included the assessment and communication of safety issues related to medicines and their use. In January 2013 she joined the Uppsala Monitoring Centre as Chief Medical Officer, acting as senior advisor on and being responsible for all medical matters.
Reporting in pharmacovigilance - the role of healthcare professionals and the public
    Level: Area: Expert Seminar Series Session 2 Pharmacovigilance
    Code: ESS19 Duration: 01:30:00