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Helen Chambers

Costello Medical
Leader background:
Helen started her career as a biochemist, working as a post-doctoral scientist at the University of Cambridge, before leaving bench science and training as a Clinical Geneticist at St George’s Hospital. Finally, she discovered medical communications, and joined Costello Medical in 2013 as a Medical Writer. She is now the UK Head of Publications at Costello Medical, with extensive experience in strategic publications planning and medical writing, spanning disease areas including immunology, haematology and oncology, and enjoys using enhanced, digital content to maximise the impact of the publications. She holds an ISMPP CMPP certification and has been a member of EMWA since 2014.
Developing Effective Oral Presentations
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCF22 Duration: 03:00:00
PowerPoint for Medical Writers
    Level: Foundation Area: Professional Techniques
    Code: PTF28 Duration: 03:00:00