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Graham Blakey

MSc, PhD, MRPharmS
Leader background:
Graham had been investigating the clinical pharmacology of new drugs and novel formulations for over 20 years.    At AstraZeneca he was a Principal Scientist in Experimental Medicine, where he was involved in the transition of several new chemical entities from discovery into humans.  He is experienced in a number of PK methodologies and has used these across the drug development spectrum. Graham is an advocate of creative and efficient clinical study design and has applied these principles to many global drug development projects in several therapeutic areas.  His skills have involved him in various patent cases where he has acted as an expert witness in several jurisdictions. Graham has developed professional PK training courses  for both experts and non-experts working in the pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors.  Additionally, he has provided PK teaching on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. Graham is a pharmacist, with an MSc in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow and a PhD from the University of Manchester.
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling: an Overview for Medical Writers
    Level: Advanced Area: Drug Development
    Code: DDA19 Duration: 03:30:00
The role of PK in modern drug development
    Level: Expert Seminar Series Area: Seminar
    Code: ESS07 Duration: 01:30:00