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Claudia Frumento

ICiMT International Communication in Medicine and Technology
Leader background:
Claudia is an electronic engineer and has a PhD in medical information technology. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and received a German scholarship to do her PhD thesis in the University of Heidelberg. She has more than 16 years experience in the field of medical technology acquired as Product Manager and European Training and Education Manager for international medical technology corporations, Guidant and Medtronic, and has been a lecturer at the University for Applied Sciences Giessen–Friedberg (International B2B Marketing and Business English for Mechanical and Industrial Engineers). She speaks three languages fluently (English, German and Spanish) and has vast experience in international project management such as: product launches, pan-European training programmes for physicians, multicentre clinical trials and writing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. She was a member of EMWA’s EPDC and leads two workshops focused on Medical Devices.
Basics of Writing for Medical Devices under the MEDEV rev. 4 and new Medical Devices Regulations
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Devices
    Code: MDF1 Duration: 03:30:00
Introduction to medical devices world
    Level: Area:
    Code: Sym6.1 Duration: 00:30:00
Health technology assessments, reimbursements: European reimbursement strategies and associated documents
    Level: Area:
    Code: Sym6.10 Duration: 00:40:00
Panel session: medical devices in 10 years
    Level: Area:
    Code: Sym6.11 Duration: 00:25:00
Writing Clinical Evaluation Reports
    Level: Advanced Area: Medical Devices
    Code: MDA2 Duration: 03:30:00
How to Write a Clinical Evaluation Report
    Level: Advanced Area: Medical Devices
    Code: MDA2a Duration: 03:30:00