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Andrew Walker

Signpost Medical Writing Ltd
Leader background:
Andrew has spent over 20 years working in clinical development.  As a medical writer, he has worked as a freelance writer, for agencies and in-house for AstraZeneca.  Andrew has worked in medical communications as well as a regulatory writer, the latter being his real area of expertise on account of the 15 years spent in the regulatory writing group at AstraZeneca.  During this time, he was involved in the design and delivery of many regulatory submissions, mentoring and training of staff, and the development of many of the processes for delivering high-quality regulatory documents.  In addition to writing, Andrew also spent several years as an Information Director with responsibilities for design and interpretation of clinical programs, notably in the infection therapy area.  Since leaving AstraZeneca, he has joined Bioscript Regulatory and continues to work in the infection area providing expertise and support to clients who are developing novel antibiotics.
Antibiotic Development: A Guide for Writers
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Science
    Code: MSF12 Duration: 03:30:00