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Thomas Schindler

Boehringer Ingelheim
Leader background:
Dr Thomas M Schindler has studied biology and linguistics and holds a PhD in molecular plant physiology. He has some 23 years of experience as a medical writer and medical writing manager across many therapeutic areas. He has worked in various settings, ie, for a CRO as well as for ‘small pharma’ and ‘big pharma’. Following his postdoctoral research in the UK, he went to a Swiss publishing house as a popular science editor for geography, biology, mathematics, and astronomy. Thereafter he started with medical writing. He has gained extensive experience in both the communication and the regulatory side of medical writing. For the last 17 years, he was leading a group of medical writers that writes regulatory documents for all therapeutic areas in Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma. With the EU Clinical Trial Regulation, the writing of lay summaries and all aspects of patient centricity have become a new focus of his activities.
Slippery Slopes: Survival Analysis
    Level: Advanced Area: Professional Techniques
    Code: PTA3c Duration: 03:30:00
Summarising Clinical Efficacy Data for a New Drug Application
    Level: Advanced Area: Drug Development
    Code: DDA23 Duration: 03:30:00
Slippery Slopes: Survival Analysis
    Level: Advanced Area: Professional Techniques
    Code: PTA3d Duration: 03:30:00
Writing Lay Language Summaries of Study Results according to EU Regulation
    Level: Advanced Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCA7 Duration: 03:30:00
Disclosure of Clinical Regulatory Documentation - The Company Perspective (How do we disclose documentation?)
    Level: Area:
    Code: Sym5.7 Duration: 00:45:00
Clinical Study Reports in Oncology
    Level: Advanced Area: Drug Development
    Code: DDA24a Duration: 03:30:00
Predatory publishing - how to identify it, fight it, and how to develop predatory-safe practices
    Level: Not for credit Area: Short Seminar
    Code: SEMPR Duration: 00:50:00