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Shanida Nataraja

AXON Communications
BSc, PhD
Leader background:
Shanida became a medical writer more than 15 years ago, after completing a PhD and a 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship focusing on the neurophysiology of learning and memory. During this time, Shanida has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of medical communications, marketing, public relations, clinical trial communications and market access activities in numerous therapeutic areas, particularly oncology and cardiology. Currently, Shanida is a Director at AXON Communications, a global healthcare consultancy firm, where she is responsible for, amongst other things, providing scientific, strategic and editorial input into new and existing accounts, as well as leading internal training and an external training, coaching and facilitation offering delivering pragmatic bespoke solutions that help organisations to compete, grow and win business, and cope with change. Shanida has been involved in numerous strategic communication workshops for key pharmaceutical brands, as well as developing strategic communication plans to support clinical trial recruitment and retention, raise awareness of educational initiatives, and enhance internal and external communications with key stakeholders. Shanida has been a member of EMWA since 2001, and between 2006 and 2012, Shanida was EMWA's website manager. As such, she was a member of EMWA's Executive Committee for 6 years, and she is also an experienced workshop leader, having run several workshops during her time with EMWA.
Promotional Medical Writing: the Dark Side
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCF21 Duration: 03:30:00
Developing Effective Oral Presentations
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCF22 Duration: 03:00:00
Developing a Communication Strategy for your Brand
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCF2a Duration: 03:30:00
Congress Coverage
    Level: Foundation Area: Medical Communication
    Code: MCF23 Duration: 03:00:00
Introduction to Intellectual Property
    Level: Foundation Area:
    Code: MCF29 Duration: